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Summer School Grants

What is it?

The VRF-summer school grants offer financial support for the organization of summer schools at a European university or research institute. Summer schools are one- or two-week intensive academic course schedules organized at a European university or research institute. These summer schools should have as an educational purpose to advance the knowledge and skills of students in theoretical linguistics and to create a learning environment in which senior and junior linguists can meet.

Who can apply?

The main applicant for a VRF summer school grant should have a permanent research (or research and teaching) position at a European university or research institute. We strongly encourage the involvement of junior researchers (at the postdoctoral or even the (advanced) doctoral level) in the organisation of the summer school.

Conditions & regulations

VRF-summer school grants are subject to the following conditions and regulations:

  • The maximum allowance is €7500 for a one-week summer school and €15000 for a two-week summer school.
  • Co-financing is not required, but it is encouraged.
  • The summer school takes place at a European university or recognized research institute.
  • The main applicant has a paid permanent position at a European university or recognized research institute.
  • The summer school is open to all (advanced) MA- and PhD-students in linguistics.
  • The summer school curriculum preferably offers both foundational and advanced courses. In their selection of teachers the summer school organizers are encouraged to strive for a balance with respect to gender, ethnicity, and professional status.

The full list of regulations can be found here.


The application procedure for a VRF-summer school grant proceeds as follows:

Selection criteria

In selecting proposals for funding the Van Riemsdijk Foundation takes into account the following selection and evaluation criteria:

  • scientific and educational value and aims of the summer school, including the structure and coherence of the curriculum
  • relevance for and contribution to the mission statement of the Van Riemsdijk Foundation
  • need for the requested funds
  • international character of the summer school
  • support for and promotion of early-career researchers.

Important dates & deadlines

  • 1 June 2023: call is opened
  • 1 October 2023: deadline for submissions
  • December 2023: notification of funding decision
  • Within three months after the summer school: submission of scientific report


If you have questions regarding any aspect of the VRF-summer school grants, please contact us at